Testimonials Page
Testimonials Page
I booked 2 new clients that SAME DAY!

Piper quickly helped me see several ways I could enhance and grow my business. Since my first call with her, I’ve attracted more and more clients. In fact, after doing an abundance exercise Piper taught me I booked 2 new clients that SAME DAY! She’s an amazing coach. I’ve already implemented several of her suggestions and am now more excited than ever about my business and its potential. I highly recommend working with Piper. ~ Donna Crawford — Hermosa Beach, CA

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This is my most profitable year yet!

My best days are always after a call with Piper. She’s a force of nature and I feel like I carry her energy and confidence away from each conversation. That energy plus the strategies she has taught me are a powerful combination.

Before working with Piper, I thought there needed to be two versions of me, the lightworker and the salesperson. That kept me on a hamster wheel of trying to get ready to do something I didn’t want to do because I didn’t want to be pushy. Now I understand that I never needed to be anyone else but me. The strategies and methods she teaches are natural and doable which is why they work. This is my most profitable year yet! Piper’s guidance and support is a big part of that. ~ Paula Richard — Memphis TN

No more awkward sales conversations

If you want to regularly book more clients, Piper is your person! She has a deep understanding of how to sell in a way that feels natural. Plus, she doesn’t believe in pushy sales, which is one of the reasons I trust her so much. Piper can show you how to navigate objections and increase your closing rate in a way that simply flows. No more awkward sales conversations! Plus, she’s brilliant at helping clear up any mindset issues that are getting in the way of your success. If you’re ready to get serious about growing your business, hire Piper. ~ Melissa Gindling — Cincinnati, OH

charming, accomplished, marketing-savvy

Piper Larson is a charming, accomplished, marketing-savvy madame who instinctively bridges the gap between ‘personal development’ and ‘business development’.

Even better? She genuinely wants to help people. You just can’t fabricate that kind of intention. ~ Alexandra Franzen, writer — Alexandra Franzen.com

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The most supportive and encouraging leader

Working with Piper felt as much like connecting with an old friend as it did finding the most supportive and encouraging leader you could ask for. She seems to have found a way to tap into her own limitless possibility and she gives you the gift of tapping into yours, plus her lighthearted approach brought more fun and play into the work of self realization than I would have thought possible. ~ Rebecca Murphy